How-to Add Cloudflare Access (Zero Trust) for CloudPanel

How To Configure Cloudflare Access to protect and secure a CloudPanel backend.

One of the best ways to lockdown your CloudPanel administrative tools is to implement a Zero Trust methodology. This will make it so that only the login method you set in Cloudflare will allow access to your CloudPanel back-end.

Total Time Needed :




– Linux (Ubuntu/Debian)

Things Needed?

– CloudPanel
– CloudFlare Account

Steps to configure a Cloudflare Tunnel for CloudPanel:

Step 1 – Install Cloudflared

Install the Cloudflare repository and install cloudflared using the steps on their website based on your Linux:

Step 2 – Login to Cloudflare Zero Trust

Login to your Cloudflare dashboard and head to Cloudflare Zero Trust.

Step 3 – Create a Tunnel

Create a tunnel using the Cloudflare Zero Trust / Access dashboard by going to Access > Tunnels > Create a Tunnel. Follow the instructions. Under “Service” make sure to select https:// and for URL enter localhost:8443 make sure to run the Connector Installation instructions

Step 4 – Hostname Settings *IMPORTANT* DO NOT SKIP

Click “Additional application settings” > TLS > No TLS Verify. Make sure No TLS Verify is enabled or else it will not work.

Step 5 – Create Application

Go to Access > Applications > Add an application > Select Self Hosted. Name it and use the subdomain name you have chosen. Create a policy that includes emails only you have access to.

Step 5 – Save and Test Application

Save the application and test it out.